Who & How

A better question is why? And the answer is simple “We Love Audio” With a combined experience of over 40 years in the audio industry, Dark Star Audio is committed to pushing the boundaries of next level sound design, production, mixing and mastering. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are a Music Producer Looking to finish your track, a Top Ad Agency - or anything in-between - We have you covered.

Contact us
Robert Konves - Parade SF
I had the pleasure of working with DSA on a couple television, interactive music score and sound design projects for ASUS and the Phoenix Lecture Series. He is always re-inventing his techniques and stays at the bleeding edge of music production, making sure the output is the best quality it can be.
Saeed Younan - Younan Music
Just wanna give a big shout out to ma man, Mac at Dark Star Audio for all the great mastering he's been doing on all Younan Music releases. Always delivering it fast & on time. Hit him up!
(MC) Eric Martin - Technotronic
“Darkstar understands how a mix needs to end up sounding across all platforms. Particularly useful if like me, you’re likely to get played on commercial radio stations as well as in clubs. I would (and will) use Darkstar’s services again.”
Vladimir Trogan
Finishing my tracks Dark Star is the only option.
There is no other option.
What We Do

Modern Audio Composition, Scoring, Library and Sync Music.

Sound Design

Elite Sound Fx, Custom Sound Scapes, Abstract Cinematic Sounds, Sound Beds.


Full Track, Balancing, Precision Detail, Warmth and Master Ready.


Next Level Dimension, Color and Depth for Commercial Application.