You Have Questions?

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Q. What is Mastering?
A. Mastering is the process of taking one’s finished music and making it sound polished and refined. It is the last step in the chain before sending it out for distribution. Mastering not only makes your music louder, but also adds extra dimension, color, and depth which will also help your music translate well on most sound sources.

Getting your music mastered is crucial to getting signed and having a proper label take your music and you seriously. Unmastered music will often sound weak and unfinished to most industry professionals.

Q. Can you explain what “2 Channel”  Mastering Means Exactly?

A. Sure! It’s Simple. We use 1 Stereo WAV File and Master it. 2 Channels is both the Right and the Left Combined in the Stereo WAV.

Q. How do I Bounce down my stems from my DAW?
A.  The internet is full of great knowledge, or you can simply CLICK HERE for the answer.

Q. Should I include both WET and DRY Channels for Mixing?
A. Yes Please!

Q. Should I leave Automation on all my Channels?
A. We advise that you turn off all automation- Unless it is for a specific effect that you are sure to keep.

Q. Do I have to master my tracks?
A. No. But you should. Most labels will not take you serious if your track sounds weak, dull and unfinished.

Q. What equipment/software do you use?
A. It doesn’t matter. Yes we said it. In today’s world analog vs. digital is a dead topic in our opinion. It’s really how you use the tools provided to you. We use a combination of Hardware and Software. More importantly, I have a treated room with proper acoustical reinforcement.

Q. You just said analog vs. digital is a dead topic.. How dare you!
A. Here watch this video. – ANALOG VS DIGITAL

Q. Why the name “Dark Star”?
A. It just sounded cool to us.

Q. I’m not happy with the way my track sounds. Will Mastering make it sound better?
A. Yes! Mastering will make your track sound better BUT you need to be %100 happy with your mix before you send it to any mastering engineer. Mastering will make a great mix sound even better. It will make a bad mix sound like shit.

Q. I have waves L2, I can master my own track. Why do I need you?
A. More importantly than the fact that mastering is not just using a limiter, a mastering engineer is trained to “listen” to your music and make sure that there are no problems with your mix. A mastering engineer will find problems if there are any and either fix them or help you go back to your mix and correct them there. A mastering engineer does not just “make your track loud”, they make sure that there are no loss in dynamics in the process or try to retain as much as they can while making your track “loud”.

Q. I’m not happy with your mastering, what now?
A. We give up to 2 revisions with each master and allow 3 months to make any changes to your master. Much more generous than our competition.

Q. Can I hear some examples?
A. Yes! Please see our WORK page.

Q. Can I get a free example?
A. Yes! We will master your first track with us for free. We will send you back a 3-4 minute preview to ensure you are happy with it. If not, you don’t pay. We have never (knock on wood) had anyone not want the final master.

Q. I can get unlimited track mastering for less money on the internet through some sites – Like LANDR. Why should I pay you more?
A. You get what you pay for. You wouldn’t let a Robot write your music, so why would you let a robot master your music? We are people doing business with people and you will be happy with our service.

Q. What about the loudness wars?
A. Love conquers all.

Q. Can I see a picture of your studio?
A. Sure, But first listen to our WORK . Use your ears, not your eyes. It doesn’t matter what the studio looks like its the sound that comes out of it. (contact us if you must see it, but we warn you, you can never turn back)