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ERIC MARTIN (Technotronic)

Dark Star Audio understands how a mix needs to end up sounding across all platforms. Particularly useful if like me, you’re likely to get played on commercial radio stations as well as in clubs. I would (and will) use Dark Star’s services again.

Eric Martin - Technotronic

Eric Martin is a multi award winning artist and original member of TECHNOTRONIC - Pump up the jam!


I have ben working with Dark Star Audio for 6 years now and they have been super helpful with mixing and mastering for both my music production and piano work. These guys are so professional, friendly, fast and offer a completely fair price! If you are looking for high quality I would highly recommend them. They truly know what they are doing. Two thumbs up for everything they have to offer! I refer all my Piano For Producers master class students to Dark Star Audio.

Niko Kotoulas

Niko has over 10 MILLION PLAYS on Spotify and is the owner of PIANO FOR PRODUCERS Master Class.


I’m very grateful that I linked up with Dark Star Audio. I took their Artist Development program in July 2015 and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for that decision. At this point I’ve had 4 Top Ten Techno releases with two of those reaching #1 and I was recently selected by DJ Mag for their “Emerging Artist” series. I also use their mastering service for all of my tracks. They are fast and professional and always deliver high quality masters.


J SWINK is a TECHNO music producerfrom Washington D.C.


Just wanna give a big shout out to Dark Star Audio for all the great mastering they have been doing on all Younan Music releases. Always delivering it fast and on time. Hit them up!

Saeed Younan

Saeed Younan is a world class globe-trotting DJ, a recording artist, a sought-after remix producer, and head of his own record label,


I have mixed and mastered an album and a number of singles with Dark Start audio since 2017 and I am grateful for their support and advice. Apart from world class audio services they provide, what is even more important is the high-quality of interaction with professional staff that add enormous value to my projects. Dark Star are invaluable part of the Irajá team.


Irajá is a Deep House artist and producer from Copenhagen, Denmark.


When I started working with Dark Star, I was a green, ambitious music producer struggling to break the barrier between amateur sound and pro-level work. I had a head full of ideas that YouTube tutorials alone could not bring to life. By going through the artist development program, I was able to catapult the gap between wannabes in the bedroom and pros in the studio. Through the process, I learned about efficient workflow, how to truly unleash the power of Ableton and how to better tap the creative flow within. I highly recommend Dark Star to anyone who is considering investing in their growth. I champion it to all of my producer friends. There is only so much that YouTube can teach us. At some point, if we really want to get serious about a career in music, we have to invest in it. Dark Star is unique because they personally invest in your art and share your heart for the work. When I completed the program, not only did I leave with music ready to take to labels, but friends that will last a lifetime. And that’s the most valuable piece of all.

A Boy Named Barbara

A Boy Named Barbara is a Future House Producer from Los Angeles CA.


We first started working with Dar Star Audio in the very early stage of Plazma Records and we have been working together ever since. All of our music, In fact , 70+ releases have been mastered by Bruce and Ryan. Never once in these years have we ever had a single issues, or delay. We also receive plenty of mix suggestions on how to make things better. Thank Dark Star Audio, there is plenty more years to come!

Gediminas Zilius, Director of Plazma Records

Plazma Records is a music label heading in the direction of Minimal and Techno music, hosting weekly radio shows on several stations.